Family History Quick Reference Sheets



Need help remembering census dates or tips on how to search Google effectively for your family tree research? Our Family History Quick Reference Sheets are perfect companions for a day at the archives or record office packed with hints, tips, and tricks covering a range of topics.

These A4 how-to guides are easy to read with at-a-glance charts, tables and graphics. They are laminated for durability so that not only can they survive your archive travels, but they can also be placed in a desk holder beside your computer or laptop.

It does not matter if you’re are a novice or an experienced genealogist, you will also find these handy guides a dream for your genealogy research.

Topics covered:

Handy Dates for Genealogists (England and Wales version)
The beginning of parish registers; the regulation of marriages; the standardisation of parish registers; civil registration; registration act; census dates up to 1931; calendar change; useful online resources.

Understanding Old Handwriting
Tricks for improving and reading poor digital copies; old handwriting styles; tips for transcribing; tools and online resources to help you with your transcriptions.

DNA & Family History
Explanations and resources for using DNA for your family tree research; a copy of the Shared cM Project chart.

Searching with Google for Genealogy
How to search Google effectively using symbols, filters and other Google tools you may not know about including reverse image searching.

Money and Measures in Family History
If you don’t know how many farthings were in a penny, how many barleycorns in an inch, or poles in a furlong, this guide will help you understand all those weights and measurement terms used in probate, inventory and land records.

How to Draw a Family Tree
All the abbreviations and correct conventions needed to layout your pedigree by hand.

• Aimed at beginner to experienced genealogists
• A4, double sided, laminated for durability
• Portable – take the handy hints guide to the archives with you
• Easy to read and quick to find what you need
• Wide range of topics with clear graphics
• Includes guides, how to and reference
• Works well with a desk holder (not included) – to find out more about the desk holders please go to