Family Tree Display


Are you looking for a unique gift to celebrate a special occasion?

Would you like to turn your research into a unique family tree display that will become a family heirloom?

Do you want to buy a unique gift for the genealogist in your family? How about a unique family tree display…?

I am the ‘go to’ genealogist for displaying your family tree in unique and unusual ways.

I can turn your family tree into a unique family heirloom gift to celebrate:

  • the arrival of a baby
  • a Christening
  • a wedding
  • wedding anniversaries
  • special birthdays
  • family reunions
  • and more…

How?  By embroidering your tree onto tablecloths, aprons and quilts; burning your tree onto wood using pyrography techniques (so you have a tree on a tree!); printing it onto shopping bags, table mats and jigsaws etc.  Imagine sitting down for a meal to celebrate a family occasion at a table covered in your family tree…

If you have an idea for an unusual family tree display please get in touch – I love a challenge!

I can conduct the research and create a uniquely displayed family tree or I can just create the family tree if you have already undertaken the research.

CONTACT ME to find out more…

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